Thodi Si Unlearned Happiness

Be That Help

They say our eyes are the doorways to our souls. If this indeed is true then it is in our eyes where our sorrows and fears linger the most. Right on the edge of the doorway, there probably is a constant battle between our souls and our daily lives. A game of push and shove where our souls desperately try to pour out our sorrows and fears and a shove right back inside from our lives around us because it don’t have the time, the energy or the support to deal with it.

We humans are programmed automatically to seek happiness however you see we were programmed back in the days when our lives were simple; a time when our joys and happiness were connected to the good food on the table, a steady roof over our heads in the winter, a healthy family and pure sounds of giggling children playing out in the open sun. Our joys today are connected to the brand of our cars, the inches of our LCD screen, our gluten-free organic breads and the speed of our wi-fi routers. We have made technological progress in leaps and bounds from the simple days and we upgrade our mod-cons even faster than we can learn all of its features (iPhone4 -> iPhone5) but we bloody forgot to upgrade our happiness radars. So our poor souls are still running on the good ‘ol days coding. It still seeks that simplicity, access to open hearts and unconditional help.

In this recession, dog-eat-dog times, we have all learnt it the hard way to mind our own business and to protect our own interests and for the past 10 years, I have slowly mastered that trait like nothing else. If it’s something that I’m not going to get anything out of – let’s keep moving.

Have you seen anybody lately seeking help? And I don’t mean those people with cardboard signs on the side-walks. I mean the people who you see and work everyday with? The people you live with? The people you love; your family, your friends? I mean the people who you interact with everyday and they laugh and smile right along with you but their eyes are desperately seeking for your help? Do you know anybody? Don’t you dare lie to yourself, dear reader. Yes, you do. However you’re in 2013 and you have so properly trained yourself not to see and respond to those silent pleas.

This post is not meant to reprimand you. I am writing this to actually let you know that I do understand exactly how easy it is to ignore someone. To pretend like you don’t notice anything is wrong. To smile away like you have industrial-strength earplugs in your ears and you can’t hear the clashes inside a person and that you can’t see the war in their eyes. I understand that it’s easier to let things lie…

But what do you do when you wake up one morning and look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself drowning? What do you do when you realize that you have been trying to keep afloat for a very long time but you now are too exhausted to keep up? What do you do when you realize that you’ve been fighting a very hard battle? What do you do when realize your nearest and dearest have known that you have been fighting a battle for sometime now and yet chose not to fight for you? What would you do when you realize that it was easier for your loved ones to let you drown than to clue you in of your problems? And what would you do when you came face-to-face with the fact that it didn’t serve in any of their interests to reach out and grab your frailing hand? Just what would you do?

Choosing to walk away from a person’s silent plea is not a difficult choice but how would you feel if you stood with your pleas raging in your eyes and your close ones chose to act indifferent? It’s always a difficult truth to accept that what we do onto people, can be done to us.

With the world population rising to 7 billion, lets be honest – not all of us will ever get to be superman or to save a sea species from being hunted or actively protest against the green-house gases in Sweden (or wherever they do those G8 things). And we all can’t be Mandela and fight for our countries however we can act for our fellow kind and we must. You see there are no other species on the planet (and till a time we meet the ones from Saturn) that understand us apart from…each other. So you have to act. You have to be that help. You must have the courage to break those boundaries that we have put up as personal spaces and ‘our businesses’. You must weld your integrity to put your hand forward despite the fact that the person might be too proud to accept your help. And you must have the strength to keep it there till they grab it.

We have no other options. No matter how fast we run from each other, we will end up all next to each at end of the race. How will you meet the eyes of someone you didn’t help along the way? I’m not saying suddenly turn into a Mother Teresea. All I’m saying is that sometimes people need help. Sometimes they are either too proud or don’t know they need it. If you see a pair of eyes looking lost, step up. Be that help. Sometimes all we need is someone to walk with us for a little while.



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