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When The Time is Right

What I didn’t anticipate when tweeting this some time back is that one of those tricks was going to work and that I’d be home for Diwali!

I’ve been back some 4 weeks now and apart from catching up on movies, sleep and maggi noodles, I haven’t been doing much. This opportunity has been seized by the ‘aunties’ (and uncles) to shove lead me purposefully toward the matrimonial lane.  Ab bas. Look at all your friends? They are all on their 2nd child and youuuu…trampling around the world doing God-knows-what! {insert looks as if I have contracted several permanent unspeakable diseases} but let’s leave this story for another day.


Let’s wonder about what if all my friends and I HAD got married at 24? We’d probably all gotten pregnant around the same time and delivered babies one after the other and got together every Tuesday to discuss our teething problems. But is that possible?  Can we all get married at the same age? No. Because for one…there aren’t enough wedding halls. And the Nadi Hospital Maternity ward only has 8 beds (imagine if all females in my class of ’97 batch started popping out at the same time!)   And whose going to turn green with envy when you walk down the aisle in your Vera Wang when everybody’s running around getting their own Vera Wangs tailored…?

Here’s where I am going with this. This planet exists on a very defined circle of balance. There are equal parts of adventure, tragedy, merriment…that make up our planet’s balance. There simply can not be more happiness than that of what it is allocated in this balance. Therefore mathematically speaking (from someone whose failed her final year high school maths paper) we all can’t be miserable at the same time. That means while some of us are backpacking through Thailand having the time of our lives, there are some of us struggling to pay off our mortgages. While some of us are busy showing off our new cars to our neighbours, there are some of us still trying to get our drivers license! Imagine if every 17-year old in Auckland got their licenses in the same week in the first go – it’ll be like..crazzzy, bruh! Bottom line is that the resources on our planet are limited. It can only cater for this many at one given time and hence the rule of the Universe – you’ll get your thing when the time is right…for you.

A very dear 20-year old I know who dropped out of high school couple of years ago has just been accepted into a top university business programme for next year. And this is what it just means. The programme can only be offered to 40 students a year. If he didn’t get accepted in the 1st year, it doesn’t mean he failed and certainly doesn’t connote that he wasn’t meant for that programme. It just probably wasn’t the right year for him but 2014 definitely is. And same goes for you, we all can’t be doing the same thing at the same time. For some of us, some things will come on time, for some a little late…but it will come. If despite your best-est efforts, your competitor is still getting all the good jobs, let him. Your time will come.

So whether you’re still trying to pass your driving test, striving for your dream job, lusting over a friend’s holiday photos or trying to perfect your mother-in-law’s recipe…orrrr still not yet MARRIED…chin up…your moment’s on its way.

Till then…drink lots of tea, try out something new in the meantime and plan your next trip (thanks Suruj!).

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