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Dear Mum, Why Bharat Matrimony is not for Me

Dear Mum,

I am writing to let you know that Bharat Matrimony is really not for me. Ever since ZeeAsia has run those Assisted Matrimony adverts on their channel, I know you’ve been convinced that that’s the ultimate solution to my ‘single’ problem. I also know that your sister’s husband’s cousin’s niece had also met someone from the interrnet so you are a 100% certain that this thing will work. But I should tell you that it probably won’t for me. You see mum, I am a 90’s girl. I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s and I am all about old-school communication. Let me explain.



Remember our ONE telephone in the kitchen, ma? And how you had to stand in one spot and chat your business away while eeeveryone could hear what one was talking about because the cord was only as long as the fly swat? Every time my bestie from primary school would call, our 3-minute conversation would end up ‘Look I can’t tell you now. I’ll tell you in school tomorrow.” I didn’t grow up texting, fb-ing, whatsapp-ing, viber-ing or snapchat-ing my ‘thing’ and telling my bestie almost insta-ntaneously. No. I grew up holding my secrets in to the point of bursting and telling them in person the next day. Sometimes I’d have to wait till mid-morning break to get it out. I detest ‘chatting’ online and ‘exchanging’ information via a autofill form on my computer, mum (plus you know my paranoia issues). I still like the old-school face-to-face interaction.


pressed flowers

Do you remember how you taught me to press flowers in my storybooks when I was young? I  just threw them out last year. And you know how long it has taken me to get an e-reader and that only because I was going to miss the smell of printed pages. I sometimes just go into Kinokuniya to bask in the fresh whiffs of newly printed books. And remember how we used to make greeting cards for all occasions, you used to do all the cutting ’cause God knows I still can’t cut a straight line with a scissors!

the-smell-of-books_20120405173129I was a creative child, mum. You raised me to be one. Do you know how uncreative that matrimony site is? Rows and boxes of men minus the add-to-cart option like shopping sites. I cannot fathom choosing someone to spend the rest of my life with so…uncreative-ly!

Oh oh and mum, you remember those origami fortune tellers I drove everyone crazy with?!



This is something I have got from Dad. We have to make our own stories. And I love a good story, mum. I grew up watching Bollywood movies. I have it ingrained in me that till we all get our ultimate love story, picture abhi baki hai, mere dost! And I want a full-blown, crashing-on-the-side-walk, missing-my-train, wind-blowing-in-my-hair and public declaration of ever-lasting love, story eshtory. (err…well you can take the wind out.) And that shit ain’t happening sitting home with my mouse hovering over Male, 35, Wheatish Complex, Athletic Build. We both know he 40 and balding.



This one’s purely your fault, ma. Yours and Auntie Kas’ and grandma’s. Y’all gave me lessons on how to be a lady. How to cough properly in public, which cutlery to use for which course of the meal and the accepted behavior of men. And that’s the problem. I expect to be courted. The old-fashioned way. I still believe that a kiss (like a snog, not a peck) is a no-no on the 1st date. Actually even the 2nd for that. Yes for 2014, it sounds ancient. But I can’t help it, mum. There is no way in hell, I am going to be clicking that “Express Interest” button even if the newly available Hrithik Roshan puts up a profile up on Bharat Matrimony. I would expect interest to be shown in me, Ma. And I’m a feminist.

When people romanticize the ‘90s, it’s not because it was particularly “better” than it is now. It’s because it took more than ‘liking’ a status on Facebook to cement a friendship. It’s because courting someone took more effort than a text every other day or so. It’s because someone could destroy you emotionally and you’d never hear from them again, and you’d know what it really felt like to have a broken heart and what it’s like to not be able to do anything about it. It’s because you’d go to your neighborhood bar, and your drinking buddies would show up, and it wasn’t because you’d checked in on FourSquare. The ‘90s were the last decade of genuine emotion; the last time harvesting relationships took time, money, and effort. As technology simplifies communication, our lame-in-comparison attempts to build virtual relationships cease to have meaning. – Thought Catalogue


I hate lying, mum. Even white lying. So can you imagine the number of lies, we’ll write on my profile. Granted girls with hobbies such as traveling are grabbed by desperate parents to sell to their sons but no one actually wants a traveller daughter-in-law..let’s just forgot the whole #wegosolo hashtag, shall we…

So you see mum, this Bharat Matrimony is not going to work for me. I know you’ll be disappointed and I am truly sorry. I just grew up at a time when the net was for nerds and when relationships more than a Facebook life event. Please be patient. I have the utmost faith in the Universe and in you. And I am positive that I’m going to get my story one day very soon – the good old-fashioned way!

With love always, Your daughter.



This post is a tribute to growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. It is not meant as a reflection on Bharat Matrimony and its services.



A version of this post is also published on The Aerogram with permission.


3 thoughts on “Dear Mum, Why Bharat Matrimony is not for Me

  1. Hi Sharon,

    This post made interesting reading. But you see BharatMatrimony is not a mere new age technology solution. It’s a great facilitator to happy marriages (more than 3 million of them so far). It just enables you get in touch with people who meet your strong preferences and the traditional meetings between families and individuals are taking place all the time, (the good old fashioned way!). I totally agree with you that the Universe has someone waiting for you. Don’t forget to let readers know when you find one.

    Have a great 2014, Sharon!

    Team BharatMatrimony


    • Dear Team BharatMatrimony,

      Thank you for reading! My post isn’t meant to be a reflection on your website and your services or your customers for that matter. It is more of a tribute to growing up in the 80’s and 90’s and how not everyone has totally adapted to virtual communications especially online dating. While most online matrimonial service would have served the same purpose, Bharat Matrimony just happens to have more advertising presence in my side of the world hence I borrowed your name to drive my point 😀 Statistically I probably, have more chances of meeting someone online than the old-fashioned way however to find something, one must seek. And to the dismay of my mother, I am not seeking enough!

      Thank you for your feedback and please do keep reading, hopefully 2014 is the year for my ultimate love blog post!



  2. Haha! I can’t believe BharatMatrimony traipses all over the blogosphere..and then comments on posts to defend it’s honor! Such an amusing surprise 🙂


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