A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

May You Find Your Courage In 2018

If I had to choose a word for 2017, it’d have to be ‘accept’. This year came with an unyielding ferocity that made us all give in to its will.

Despite such global outcry, look at us at the end of 2017 having accepted Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America.

Say what you may – here in on our island nation, Fiji First is just about to finish it’s first term as ruling party.

As the workers of the Airport Terminal Services sit outside in a strike Continue reading

A Fijian Life

Change is in the Island Breeze

I drive past one Tuesday afternoon and notice heavy machinery rolling onto that vacant lot next to the highway. I don’t think much about it with all this roadworks happening in Nadi. Next evening though I see construction hoardings and safety signs up around the site. Shit. I must have missed out on the industry grapevine about this job. Lucky bastards I think. Continue reading

Thodi Si Unlearned Happiness

Seven Phases of a Relocation

I’ve always been a bit of a mover. It’s difficult for me to live in a predictable surrounding for an extended period of time. While to many familiarity is a comfort, I tend to start feeling suffocated if the status quo doesn’t change on regular basis. Three to four times a year, I re-arrange my apartment. It’s not a pre-determined thing. It comes on all of a sudden. Something would trigger it off and I would be shifting furniture in the middle of the night. Continue reading