A Fijian Life, An Indian Heritage

Big Cars and Tiny Women on My Island

Let’s talk about size today, dear reader. More precisely, the size of women.

Working on construction sites in Sydney is a bit like wandering through a global food expo. You’ll find subbies working in packs from all corners of the world. You’ve got your Italian form-workers, Czech crane-operators, Greek steel-fixers, Vietnamese welders, Samoan concreters – you pick. Being a young cadet and usually the only female on sites, Continue reading

A Fijian Life

Change is in the Island Breeze

I drive past one Tuesday afternoon and notice heavy machinery rolling onto that vacant lot next to the highway. I don’t think much about it with all this roadworks happening in Nadi. Next evening though I see construction hoardings and safety signs up around the site. Shit. I must have missed out on the industry grapevine about this job. Lucky bastards I think. Continue reading