Kuch Bitiya Ki Baatein

Save The Desi Boy Child

“Do you smoke?” asked my Friday night date as I chugged back mouthfuls of Fiji Gold draft. When I got a sceptic smirk to my negative answer, Suruj’s warning about beer on first dates floated through the clouds above. Tsk. Through out the evening the question was asked twice again, smartly, in between conversations, in case I might ‘slip’ and admit to smoking (because how could it be possible that I drink beer and not smoke, right?)

Though this had to be one of the better setups I’ve been to this year. Continue reading

Kuch Bitiya Ki Baatein

Family Is Not Everything

Family. Love them or hate them, you can’t change the fact that they’re yours. One in every 5 people will tell you that their biggest strength and support system is their family however one in every 5 people will also tell you that their biggest issue or cause of problems is also their family! Whether its the Greeks, Italians, Turks or Vietnamese despite the cultural differences and complexities, family is a matter of paramount importance to most societies in the world. Continue reading

A Fijian Life

Once Were Villages

Something our household hasn’t partaken in a long while is to visit extended relatives living far and further in the rural Viti. “Visiting Extended Relations” used to be a national pass-time in our recent past however thanks to the Vodafone and Digicel towers soaring high on our island hills; our mobile phones and Facebook, visiting family has now become a rather bootless sort of activity.  Continue reading

An Indian Heritage

The Holy Cow Issue!

Tafel-spitz, Schweine-braten, Gulyas, Gschnetzeltes Kalbsfleish and the humble Wurst in over 1000 varieties! These are just a few names of the many local dishes that you come across in Europe. Unfortunately though I won’t be able to give you a culinary account of the above dishes.

Travel is just not for your sense of sight. A good journey should involve a thorough stimulation of all five human senses. In my opinion, the 2nd most important responsibility of a traveller is to ensure his palate is constantly acquiring new tastes though food enthusiasts may argue otherwise and shift it up to the top.

Unfortunately for this nomadic Hindu, Continue reading