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Is Your Feminism As Exhausted As Mine?

When our female Speaker of Parliament last year made those infamous comments on women aggravating their husbands to the point of them loosing it and becoming violent, I recall the backlash from feminist organisations and individuals, and the fiery debates on social media forums. I also recall how I didn’t really deem anything wrong with the Speaker’s comments at that time Continue reading

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Change is in the Island Breeze

I drive past one Tuesday afternoon and notice heavy machinery rolling onto that vacant lot next to the highway. I don’t think much about it with all this roadworks happening in Nadi. Next evening though I see construction hoardings and safety signs up around the site. Shit. I must have missed out on the industry grapevine about this job. Lucky bastards I think. Continue reading

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This is Where I Stand in Fiji

Something I wrote last week on this blog got a lot of flak. And not just on my opinions. While I can understand the strong reaction to what I had written, I can’t fathom the personal comments and insults that went around on social media especially by people who have never met me.

If you’re one of those people who judge someone based your assumptions without actually meeting them in person then I’m afraid what you think is really your business. Continue reading