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Practice Quietness (in other words STFU)

Dear Reader

I’m mindful to the very irony hence my hesitation in penning this post down as it’ll probably only add to the noise roaring around us all in this moment of time which sure is a weird one. I mean I’m sure this planet’s seen many an eerie times pass it by but for us mere here-on-borrowed-time current occupants – this definitely is unprecedented.

In a role reversal, millennials have been heard screeching at their parents to get back in the house this past week. Celebrities in Mumbai are doing their own Continue reading

Thodi Si Unlearned Happiness

Choose You

A time when I wore ribbons in my hair and had braces on my teeth, ‘smart’ people used to be the ones who’d always have their noses stuck in some book. Stereotypically the studious types. Nerds they were called. These days it’s rather your smartphone that’ll give you a smart status. The later version you carry, the smarter you are. Pull out a basic mobile in public and you’ll be pushed down the social hierarchy so fast that any bit of smartness you might’ve had left, will be sucked out on your way down! Continue reading