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3 Things 2016 Has Taught Me About Time

I signed off last year on the blog with wishes of a ‘bindaas’ 2016. Bindaas, a Hindi (Mumbaiya actually) slang roughly means without any hesitations. Carefree. With reckless abandon. And by God, did I have a bindaas year.

It’s been a rough year. A stop-go kind of one. One where schedules didn’t work and plans had to be improvised from month to month. A year where you just simply did. 2016 didn’t give much time for brainstorming or coming up with any action plans. You just did what you had to do and there was no Continue reading

A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

“Gender? As in male & female?”  “No as in G.E.N.D.A.”

“Oh is it an acronym?”   “No. As it’s Hindi for marigold.”

“Sorry the what?”  “Marigold…you know the flower..yellow orangish ones…?”

“”  “It’s a Hindi word for marigold – Genda”

“Ohh. So what’s the project about?”  “Ummm…it’s not really a project.”

“…but it says The Genda Project??”  “’s just a creative the show Continue reading