An Indian Heritage, Kuch Bitiya Ki Baatein

Dear Desi Parents, Your Children Are Not Your Property

“Ji, papa.”

Insert pitaji, daddy, baba, abbu, bauji, appa – whatever your term of reference. “Yes, father” is a fundamental code of conformity drilled to desi children as their unquestionable submission to the patriarchal head of the household. Right from the Vedic era some 1600 BCE, desi parents have been revered as Gods living on this planet demanding a worship-like devotion from their offsprings.

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An Indian Heritage

Things Desi Parents Don’t Talk About

The distinctive desi get-togethers. No matter how causal the dinner invite, nothing is ever causal about the whole affair. The hostess’ best china and crystal ware are brought out for what will be an extravagant banquet accompanied by the same or even better whiskey to what was served at the Singhs last month. Lighter drinks for the ‘ladies’ such as wine or vodka will also be served if one preferred. And no matter how insistent the hostess’ would be while inviting that it’s ‘just a small get-together’, everybody decks up in the latest banarasi silks and diamond drops (mind you, a branded western outfit is just as acceptable these days). And amidst this lavish setting to compliment the fine food and free-flowing perfectly-aged alcohol, only the creamiest of conversations are exchanged. “Business is going verrrrry good.” “My husband bought me this fabulous sapphire set last week.” “We just came back from Sydney yesterday.” Till inevitably the conversations turn towards their children who are missing from the party.
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