A Fijian Life

Does Fiji Still Have A White Inferiority Complex?

Freedom. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. In 1970, the British Empire after 96 years of rule over the islands handed Fiji back it’s sovereignty. This would have been the first time in almost a 100 years, a Fijian would have had the right to act and speak as a free person. Continue reading

An Indian Heritage, Kuch Bitiya Ki Baatein

The 101 Hindu Festivals That My Mother Celebrates

I’ve just devoured a box of Lale’s fried chicken (a recent favourite) and now sitting back in the wonderment that how fried chicken could make a person so completely content? I mean this is a cooked carcass of a bird that’s probably died a long time ago. How could the death and the fried aftermath of another living thing provide so much happiness to another? Especially to a Hindu. Continue reading

A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

Dear Reader, I May Be Silent But I’m Still Listening

Dear Reader

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogs this year. Even Suruj has started to miss her occasional spots of fame; gently ribbing me about not writing anymore lately.

Beginning of this year, I had created a new section on this blog A not-so-flowery, genda-ful life, naively excited about the things I had planned to share under this column. Little did I know then what I was in for, come the following months. Creating an independent platform outside of mainstream media, a space for individuals to say exactly what they wanted to say without any influences or inhabitations suddenly became this overwhelming task where it was about everything else but me. Continue reading

A Fijian Life, An Indian Heritage

Big Cars and Tiny Women on My Island

Let’s talk about size today, dear reader. More precisely, the size of women.

Working on construction sites in Sydney is a bit like wandering through a global food expo. You’ll find subbies working in packs from all corners of the world. You’ve got your Italian form-workers, Czech crane-operators, Greek steel-fixers, Vietnamese welders, Samoan concreters – you pick. Being a young cadet and usually the only female on sites, Continue reading

Kuch Bitiya Ki Baatein

Dear Mum, Can I Be Pretty Too?

Recently at the Sydney Airport, I swung by the Clinique counter in Duty Free to pick up my usual lip colour before flight. A lovely lady in a lab coat with the prettiest of pink lipstick serving me, told that my shade was out of stock. But she could suggest some other colours that would suit my skin tone. I hate trying on makeup in stores but she was so insistent that I couldn’t say no. She pulled out some disposable brushes, the sort one would see at hospitals for scoping samples to test for scabies or something Continue reading

A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

A Not-so-Flowery, Genda-ful Startup

“Gender? As in male & female?”  “No as in G.E.N.D.A.”

“Oh is it an acronym?”   “No. As it’s Hindi for marigold.”

“Sorry the what?”  “Marigold…you know the flower..yellow orangish ones…?”

“Yes..ss.”  “It’s a Hindi word for marigold – Genda”

“Ohh. So what’s the project about?”  “Ummm…it’s not really a project.”

“…but it says The Genda Project??”  “yeahh..it’s just a creative name..you know..like the show Continue reading